Occupy crises: perceptions and resistances to the crisis in different contexts

13 02 2012

INURA Public Event

Friday 19th February, 18:30 – 21:00, NTUA (T10)

Inspired by the interest about the Occupy movement – and by the movements preceding it – this public event wants to contribute to the broader discussion about the current crisis and the different ways to resist its effects, by presenting views from 4 countries: Greece, Germany, Italy and the USA. Instead of debating the economics behind the crisis, it focuses on the urban and spatial aspects of the crisis. How is the crisis perceived in different cities? How this crisis affects the particular cities and their residents? How the adopted or proposed measures are transforming or will transform cities? What kind of actions or grassroots initiatives are forming to counter the impact of the crisis and challenge the dominant doctrines? Are they or can they be successful?


Crisis in Greece: living with the Troika agreement – Encounter Athens/ Inura Athens

Crisis in Germany: about the bigotry of German politics, public opinion, and the absence of the (radical) left – Britta Grell & Sabine Horlitz, Inura Berlin

Crisis in the USA: subrimes, tent cities and how Occupy went home – Manuel Lutz, Inura Berlin

Crisis in Italy: effects on everyday life, social resistances and proposals of the left – Marvi Maggio, Inura Florence

Discussion / interventions