Crisis regimes and emerging social movements in cities of Southern Europe

25 03 2012


On 7-9 February a three-day international workshop titled “Crisis regimes and emerging urban social movements in cities of Southern Europe” was organised in Athens by Encounter Athens, INURA Athens and the Public Policies and Government Institute of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with the support of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the National Technical University of Athens. The workshop provided the opportunity for exchanging experiences concerning the current crisis in Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish cities and explore alternatives with two main goals:

a) to critically explore the impact of the crisis on South European cities and their inhabitants, the dominant policies implemented, as well as new issues and novel social claims that are emerging, and

b) to bring together activists from current/emerging movements and scholars, in order to exchange ideas and experiences from concrete practices, initiatives and struggles and to collectively think about alternatives for radical action.

Activists and researchers from Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain who are involved in social movements in their cities presented their experiences about crisis in the cities of Southern Europe along three workshop themes: ultra-neoliberal urban development projects, housing in crisis and the local as a reference for new mobilizations, solidarity networks and actions.

The workshop was funded by a Regional Workshop Award from the Antipode Foundation.

See workshop material at: